Talking Youth Podcast

“Young people fascinate me, I connect with them and have an innate urge to
     support and nurture them.
I believe wholeheartedly that we can learn from young people, and I most
     certainly have.
I want to celebrate youth, they deserve our recognition.”


Talking Youth is a platform for young people to have a voice and be heard.

I have worked with youth in my professional career for 20 years, I have learnt and gained so much insight from them and can see that so many of them are lost in the structure, the social media and the curriculum they are encouraged to follow.

It is not until you sit down and give young people the time, space and an opportunity to share, that you really learn who they are, how they feel and what their experience of life looks like.

So my interview process will do just that, talk to young people of all walks of life who are open to sharing their story, their dreams, their wins and their struggles to ultimately inspire their peers and the broader community.

If a single young person listens to an episode and can resonate with what has been said to inspire them to take their own action…then Talking Youth has served the purpose it was created for.

"Brave, honest - from the heart ❤️
We never stop learning and growing from sharing and listening to others experiences. As a mother of a 17 and 19 year old girls I am so grateful Fiona has created a lovely safe platform for the youth of today to open up conversations to support one another ❤️ "

Every month, a holistic professional in their field, will converse with myself and provide their own insight, knowledge and tools for young people and their families, sharing their personal experiences and providing a free platform to learn and gain from.

We throw around the concept of ‘the lost youth of today” but never dissect the reasoning behind this. The pressures of education, social media, fitting in and feeling accepted are only some of the many challenges young people face daily. I believe it is time to allow young people to have a voice, to express themselves freely and in return to be heard.


"Great open conversation! What a great idea to give young people a voice and speak so freely, without any judgement! This should happen out in the open world much more ! Young people need to be heard to be understood and supported!"

If Mindfulness became a staple in the school curriculum, I can only imagine the positive impact it would have on our next generations.

Mindfulness requires us to become consciously aware of ourselves and how we operate in this world.

Our actions, reactions, choices, language that we use, environments we choose and habitual behaviour.

Being mindful invites us to recognise the areas in our life that are working and those that are not, and provides us with the tools to promote and encourage self worth, self love, conscious awareness and confidence.

And it is from this empowered place that we can make shifts and changes to lead a more authentic, true life.

Imagine if young people had these tools NOW!

Imagine if conscious awareness was developed from a young age, the impact it would have on not only their personal lives but the entire world.

The purpose behind my Youth on a Mission Mentorship Program is in fact this. Educating and empowering young people!


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