Mentoring for Small Business

Small Business has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

Growing up in a family home dedicated to small business, I understand first-hand the foundational concepts that contribute to sustainable operations from both a financial and cultural perspective. As a qualified Dance educator, I worked hard to transition from self-employment to owning a business to directing a Company to transforming multiple creative ventures into thriving operations.

Now 20 years into the trade, I have most certainly explored the various ways to execute in this industry, and have learnt, the hard way, that it is ruthless and can drain the life out of you and everyone close to you if you are not careful, or informed or supported.

As a mentor, I help you to dissect and optimise the areas in your business that are working and empower you to create change in those that are not.

I encourage you to revisit the ‘Why’ behind your venture and allow you to fall back in love with your purpose, void of the distractions and obstacles that often consume our day to day actions.

My focus is YOU in your business. Your well-being, your goals, your purpose!

I have felt all the feels there is to feel whilst operating a small business, and through my foundational guidance, I will allow you an opportunity to create a renewed sense of calm and confidence, a finer balance of work and life, clever operational processes and heart full of joy, knowing that you are waking up each day ‘in control’ of your work life and not summoned to its demands.

Your business deserves ALL of you and not what is left of you…reach out today if I can support you and your business for a one-on-one consultation.

Yoga Facilitation in Studios, Schools and Corporate Events

“Yoga does not change the way we see things; it transforms the who sees.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

I am passionate about affording opportunities for new and experienced practitioners of Yoga to gain a strong understanding of the foundations of the practice, transitioning to regular enjoyment of Yoga with ease and knowledge.

You can engage with me to facilitate a workshop, multiple classes or one-one on experiences in your facility knowing that I will ensure to create a safe, inclusive, and high-vibe environment through my experienced facilitation and innate zest for learning and LIFE!

I am currently extremely proud of the ‘Yoga Project’ programs I administer in Primary Schools all over Victoria, Australia, in collaboration with BATFORCE to empower and instill mindful skills through the use of Yoga, Meditation and Mentoring to Grade 5 & 6 students, to support their transition in high school.

Could Yoga, Meditation or Mindfulness benefit your workplace or students?

As a teacher (and forever-learner) of Yoga, my utmost focus is on equality, positivity, inclusiveness and knowledge in practice. My Yoga classes and workshops concentrate on alignment, flow and balance with a light-hearted and accessible approach, catering for all ages, levels and abilities.

My enthusiastic, creative and inquisitive approach to life resonates in my teachings. My classes afford yogis a trademark warmth of atmosphere that challenges but supports and encourages with compassion.

Due to my ever-growing love of Yoga and its philosophy, I endeavour to leave my students and the attendees of my classes/workshops feeling inspired, grounded and curious. I teach in the hope that you too will fall in love with Yoga and put your new found curiosity into action to achieve heightened wellness.

Keynote Speaking & Events

There are 3 things that create immense joy for me professionally:
1. Sharing my knowledge and insight from personal experience.
2.Connecting with others and inspiring action.
3.Collaborating with like-minded individuals and growing and learning from this experience.

As a long-term advocate of the revolutionary and transformative power of Dance as a medium, a deep supporter of approaching well-being holistically and an avid cheerleader of holistic practices and mediums, I find great fulfilment in taking a stage or sharing it with others to inspire an audience to take action.

I offer keynote presentations that highlight Dance advocacy, holistic Dance philosophy, creative business practice, the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness, the power of the mind and how to look at Wellness from a holistic perspective.

These can be catered for any age bracket and forum.

I specialise in highlighting contemporary issues underpinning the medium including Dance for youth empowerment, creative development and community engagement as well as challenge embedded philosophies on how to approach our day to day lives, inspiring others to value their ability, worth and move forward from a place of knowledge and curiosity.

Those who engage with me are led in discovering their own individual ‘magic’, a sense of wonder that will fuel you long after the presentation is over.

My promise: To deliver moving and inspiring content with warmth, skill and professionalism.

The outcome: A guaranteed fire in your belly!

To book me as a Keynote Speaker at your next event email...

Dance & Yoga Integration

As a qualified Dance and Yoga practitioner, I am extremely passionate about bringing together these two powerful modalities and believe wholeheartedly that their connection will have profound outcomes in the Dance world.

Having contributed to the dance industry for the past 20 years as a performer, teacher, choreographer and studio director, my exposure – both national and international – has opened the doors to an array of opportunities driven and inspired by professional learnings. I cannot deny that Dance occupies a large section of my heart, but it is mentoring and inspiring the health and wellbeing of young generations that truly fills my cup with Yoga providing the perfect ‘way in’ to realising these benefits through integrated movement.

I am dedicated and committed to encouraging the practice of Yoga within Dance studios. The benefits and parallels of doing so are mind-blowing. While young artists are enticed to reach for the stars and push boundaries in order to achieve a one-size-fits-all outcome, I believe that success cannot be measured or achieved but instead felt via a strong sense of self-awareness, self-appreciation and self-love via integrated practice.

For me, these words ring true, and I am sharing this insight from a place of personal experience, not as a teacher, but as a professional in this industry.

In my yoga classes my intention is to, YES strengthen, condition and align the physical body, but also the subtle body (not the mind but the heart)

It is from this connected place, that our dancers will reach their fullest potential because they have self-belief and harmony and are not distracted by the busy-ness of the mind (which is often not very kind to us)

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about how I can facilitate Yoga in your Dance Studio or Institution and if you share like-minded sentiments of student well-being focus in your own teachings.

Dance Choreography & Education

Move with Fiona Luca is the culmination of my 20-year presence on the international Dance stage as an artist, choreographer and qualified dance educator.

After completing my formal studies in Dance (Deakin University), I travelled abroad from 2003-5 dancing and choreographing my way through Europe. Highlights of my international career included co-directing, producing and choreographing my own 12-piece ensemble show (Salsa Invasion) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2003), teaching Jazz and Tap at major international performance institutions in Scotland (Dance Base Edinburgh) and a nine-month contract in Cyprus and Greece as supervisor, choreographer, dance captain and manager of a team of 70 dancers for major five-star hotel resorts (TMC Tourist Services). In late 2005, I returned to Australia and co-founded Infinite Dance Studios and Ocean Grove Dancehouse. I am so proud to be the 2017 recipient of a Victorian Musical Guild Award and People’s Choice Award for my choreography work in the musical, 42nd Street (Centrestage Geelong 2005) and for my 2020 nomination for Business Women of the Year in the Geelong region for my contribution to the Creative Arts and the Wellbeing of Youth within the community.

I am also the co-director of Bind Productions with Zoee Marsh, with a focus on creating and facilitating exceptionally authentic and professional creative opportunities for Youth in regional Victoria and Melbourne.

My additional skills in Yoga and Pilates practice have played an enormous role in my approach to Dance choreography and education, both personally and as a mentor. I have a driving desire to lift the vibration of creativity and diversity amongst impressionable dancers, budding professionals, choreographers and dance mentors alike in hope to facilitate a refreshingly different approach to an industry that caters for so few. I am proud, passionate, fiercely skilled and deeply interested in facilitating a dynamic, diverse, informative and technically exquisite Dance education for all.

You can engage with me and my creative contribution in many ways, but my heart lies in developing improved results in technical execution, composition development and performance quality and my exciting and collaborative approach to choreography for Musical Theatre, Commercial Jazz and Tap.

My promise: warmth, professionalism and enthusiasm to empower creatives to truly express and explore their FULLEST potential.

If you would like to learn more about how I can deliver for your dancers, reach to me.

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