Hi, I'm Fiona... an innate seeker

I am a lifelong creative, both as a practitioner and consultant. I am a business facilitator, qualified Dance educator, Yoga and Pilates instructor, and a mother of two beautiful girls with a zest for life and deep desire to make an impact wherever I go.

I’m also a movement, mindset & business

I help women and businesses shift to a new mindset and reclaim what makes them level up, by sharing a love of movement, mindfulness, and mentoring programs. My goal is simple, to ignite your inner flame and inspire you to achieve your potential. 

Sound Familiar?

  • Feeling disconnected
  • Lacking energy and enthusiasm
  • Seeking a change but don’t know where to go
  • Feeling consumed and overwhelmed by your personal and professional life
  • Know there is more to life than what you’re
    currently experiencing

Are you ready to...

  • Heal old wounds
  • Break cycles of self-sabotage
  • Build self- love
  • Rediscover self-care
  • Restore your body through breathing
  • Create an effective meditation practice
  • Realign with what you want
  • Be inspired to find your ‘purpose’
Then ‘On Purpose’, my bespoke 1:1 coaching program is for you

What drives me, above all else is the joy of guiding and inspiring others to dig deep and reach their fullest potential. Just as I have.

For the best part of my adult life I have been making passionate contributions to movement modalities in Australia and developing a range of businesses that provide people of all ages with opportunities to grow, develop and become empowered through activating their bodies and minds. My professional history spans national and worldwide both as a creative practitioner, performer, consultant and mentor.

But it was falling in love with Yoga and its philosophy and building conscious awareness in my life that has truly changed my direction and transformed the person I am today.

During all of this self-discovery, I learnt, (sometimes the hard way) what my purpose is this lifetime…to support YOU to do the same!!

Are you with me… I’d love to help guide your journey!

On Purpose
A 1:1 bespoke program supporting women to reconnect to their souls purpose after leading a conventional life.

Registration open NOW
Closes August 23rd 2021

On Purpose
1:1 coaching program for people brave enough, ready and willing to finally step outside of the busyness of life to reclaim themselves and rediscover their WHY.

Registrations open NOW
Closes August 23rd 2021


Podcast: Talking Youth

The concept of the ‘lost youth of today’ is thrown around at a whim, but rarely is the reasoning ever dissected – nor the fact that the youth has been effectively deemed ‘lost’ by elders for generations. So, what does it mean to be a young person today? What are the education, social media, and peer pressures facing you? Isn’t it time we had dedicated conversations and gave young people a space to have a voice, to express themselves freely, and in return to be heard.

Over the course of my 20-year career, I have seen countless young people lost in the structure, interconnectivity, and curriculum they are required to follow. It isn’t until they’re given the space to share openly that you can truly learn what a young person’s experience of life looks like. 

In Talking Youth, we open the doors for safe conversation. Talking to young people from all walks of life, and a few who have made it out of their circumstances to achieve great things, we look at dreams, wins, struggles all with the goal of inspiring peers and the broader community. 

Hear from the Move community

We Value

We embrace diversity
We provide a space between you and everything else allowing you a quiet moment to hear and acknowledge feelings and thoughts
Holistic Wellness
We are MORE than just yoga classes
Connection and relationships
Building this strength with others and oneself
We help you break the gap between knowing and doing
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5 Easy & accessible steps to embrace Mindfulness

Click here to download my 5 easy and accessible steps to embrace Mindfulness, and notice how the most subtle shifts can create the most powerful change.

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