Being Brave

For those of you that may know me, I have always been a ‘nervous’ bike rider. After an epic stack on a Year 7 camp, my bicycle riding days have been few and far between and the thought of getting out on my bike essentially terrified me.

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort” Brene Brown.

Jesse gifted me an impressive looking 2 wheels about 4 years ago, I think with the intention that we would have many a lazy Sunday riding down the coast.

For me, this was far from the reality. The fear and anxiety I felt and lack of faith in myself was quite overwhelming.

Needless to say it has collected a lot of cobwebs since then.

At the start of the year I started to challenge myself, jumping on my bike with Leilani when Lulu was having her afternoon nap and literally doing laps of our cul-de-sac, slowly starting to perfect my ‘turning’ and feeling a little more stable on the bike.

“Just practice Mum, you’ll get better” “You’re doing it Mum, well done” Leilani would yell out to me encouragingly.

Bless…how did I get so lucky?!

2 weeks ago, Leilani learnt to ride without her training wheels. Such an incredible feat to watch. I think we may have totaled 248 bike riding adventures (me on running feet obviously) since then!!

Her guts, determination and drive to get better and practice more has been so incredibly inspiring. Coincidently, my younger sister Laura has also braved the bike riding community recently and ventured out on her wheels many times and is loving it.

So bike riding is currently the hot topic of conversation amongst my small circle.

This morning, having a cuppa with my little sis on the couch, she suggests jumping on our bikes (hers was conveniently waiting in her car boot) and cruising the town.

“Whaddya say”? she asks

My first response was a round about mumble of excuses…to which I eventually responded “No thanks”

However after a yoga flow and some deep belly breaths, I was overwhelmed by an urge, a feeling bigger than me… “Let’s do it” I responded, to both of our surprise.

And so we did.

Wind, rain and bumpy terrain, I brushed the cob webs off and gave that bike a 75 minute spin, all the while smiling from ear to ear.

Today I chose courage over comfort.

Today I pushed the limits of my potential.

Today I was brave and it felt BLOODY amazing!

Thank you Laura Luca for your gentle push and faith in me and thank you Leilani for reminding your mother that with a little practice, some determination, support and lots of trust…anything is possible.

Alas, my bike riding journey has begun.

Watch out for me and my lycra on the roads, but perhaps drive a little further away from me than usual…my turning is a working progress….oh and my bell is broken!!

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