The story behind the venture!

At age 26, I had a sudden urge to try Yoga. After having danced my whole life, and calling myself a dance teacher and studio director by profession, it seemed only fitting and almost complimentary to add this ‘genre’ to my repertoire. What started as 1 class a week, quickly developed into 3 sometimes 5, as I quickly acknowledged (and learnt) the positive effect it was not only having on my physical being but my mental and spiritual…not that I had any idea what that term meant at the time. Whilst practicing, I grew to really like who I was becoming. I felt calm but focused, light but so strong. And I was happy.
The following decade observed Yoga come and go, arriving at poignant moments when I innately craved it and leaving when I was consumed by my career, my relationship, my life.

But what remained consistent was this journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, inner happiness.

Something had clearly happened, or ‘lifted’ as my sister would say, during these classes, that opened the doors to so many opportunities.

When I say oppurtunites, I mean inevitable situations, ones that I just ‘literally’ found myself in, leading me to connect with people that helped me to see things in a different light, to heal old and tired wounds, to break inherited but negative cycles and basically cut the BS and be true to myself.

And so my journey had begun….

These ‘healers’…I use this term extremely broadly as this ‘distinct’ group of people varied from Naturopaths, to Kinesiologist’s, to Energy workers, to friends, family, colleagues and YOGA, all appeared, in perfect order, to guide me through unpeeling another layer and exposing the ‘true’ Fiona.

2.5 years ago, whilst pregnant with my second child Lulu, I had an overwhelming urge to return to my commitment to Yoga, so much so that I reached out to my local Yoga studio, enquiring about their next Yoga Teacher Training.

Low and behold, in true Fiona form, my vision quickly manifested into reality, and I completed my 200 hour teacher training before Lulu was 2!

It was during this insightful, indulgent and very confronting process that I allowed myself the time and space to dig deep and hear my purpose, my Dharma.

And what I heard was that I have an innate ability to hold space for young and old to tap into their inner creative and realise their fullest potential.

My awareness and experience could in fact be insightful, constructive and possibly even encourage others to ask the bigger questions.

I feel immense joy and fulfillment watching others learn, grow and explore.

And hence I bit the bullet, exposed myself raw and said a big fat YES..let’s do it!!

The result….Move was born!!

An opportunity for me to share my ongoing learnings in all areas of life; personal, professional, creatively and developmentally.

On the Move will address concepts, ideas and my own personal experiences and light bulb moments that I hope will be thought provoking, inspire growth and challenge the reader to dig deep and unpeel another layer of themselves.

An organic journey and an exciting ride.

Jump in, I’m ready and I hope you are also.

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