It’s time to give up the Rat Race!

This photo was taken with only 30 minutes remaining of my little girlie getaway to sunny Surfers Paradise.

The girls were playing schools inside the apartment (Leilani was the teacher of course) and I was admiring my beautiful balcony view, reminiscing on what had been the past 4 days.

In the grand scheme of things, our little getaway wouldn’t present as a huge deal for most, but for me, it was MAMMOTH.

Multiple reasons!

It was WELL overdue, my first as a single parent, traveling interstate with an underlying sense of caution due to current circumstances, but most of all, traveling with the clearest intention I have ever set.

‘An easeful, relaxing, joyful holiday with my girls with some sunshine as a bonus please.’

I took the pressure off (me mainly) and experienced just that.
We didn’t make it to anything scenic (does the Pacific Fair’s patio count??!!)

We didn’t even make it to the beach across the road. (little embarrassing) Instead we hopped, skipped and jumped down and up that elevator traveling from pool, to kiosk, to cafe, to pool, to our cosy little abode. EASY!
And when the girls were snoring by 7.30 I opened my laptop and wrote, or responded to emails, or planned, or journaled…..usually sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine in hand.

I am renowned for taking the challenging road.
The one that leaves me juggling 78 balls in the air, at the one time.
What a beautiful reminder this trip was to cut the BS and remember what it is I choose.

Ease & Grace. 

As always, I like to take these learning’s to the next level, and use the wonderful (and humbling) tool of self-reflection to delve a little further into WHY I have always chosen to juggle so many balls in the past.

Because the truth is, awareness is a profound thing, but impossible to implement and integrate without finding the root cause of the problem and working from that place.

Have you ever asked yourself these potent questions?

  • Why do we over commit?
  • Why do we say YES, when hindsight urges us to say NO?
  • Why do we chose the windy, curvy, busy roads, over the easeful ones?
  • Why do we feel compelled to squeeze as much as we can into the tiniest window?
I am sure, you will come up with your own conclusions, but for me, these questions have displayed some confronting concepts.
My learnings…
  • If I under commit does that makes me appear lazy, unenthusiastic, unmotivated, unsuccessful? Will that represent a lack of investment in my own growth?
  • By saying NO, I may be letting people down. I may be stopping myself from experiencing an opportunity of a life time. It may be different this time around (hand on head as I sigh!!)
  • The windy roads provide more fun, more spontaneity, more excitement, more thrill. They also create more anxiety, stress, often cost more and take way more time!
  • This last one made me laugh…because as I read over the concept of ‘squeezing everything in’ I instantaneously acknowledge that this approach means everything may get done, but nothing well. Which in the long term causes a shit load of problems; like  forgetting your bathers on a beach holiday. (It’s OK, this didn’t happen THIS time around)

So to clarify, I am NOT dismissing my commitment to personal and professional growth nor am I rejecting the concept that sometimes we need to throw ourselves into the deep end to see the light and find the magic, not to mention continuing to honour my core values of integrity and purpose.

What I AM stating is that, why the hell does it have to be so hard?
Does a ‘busy, ‘challenging’ life provide me with validation that I am a trooper, a survivor, a go getter; worthy of respect, adoration and honour.

No it doesn’t. Not for me, not for you.

My post-holiday rambling will leave you with this;

What do your days, holidays, commitments look like?
How valuable is this approach for you?
What does it really mean?
If you just made the same choice I did and cut your own BS, would an easier path available to you?

Thank you Surfers, for holding space for me to see. ☀️☀️☀️

With ease and grace…


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